With the Data Acquisition and Management System for technical, nautical and scientific data is acquired, managed, visualized and archived on a number of research platforms.

The acquired raw data is archived in the onshore Archive System and made available via its Web-Interface. For each platform, a link is offered in the navigation area directing to the extraction interface, the data storage for extracted data and the documentation.


Directs to the raw data extraction where the user selects the desired data acquisition devices and sensors, defines the needed measuring period and the output formats before starting the extraction process. The user will be informed by e-mail when the data extraction process has finished.

Extracted Data

Directs to the raw data exported via the extraction process. From here raw data has to be downloaded for further processing. For each user the extraction process creates a folder named after the logged-in user.

File Access (only Aircraft)

Directs to the raw data files of external data acquisition devices where the user selects the desired raw data files for downloading. This tab is visible after logging in with your e-mail address.


Directs to documents relevant for data extraction.